Over the Air Technology

Over The Air

What exactly is OTAs?

OTA technology in English is called Over the Air Technology, translated from the air download technology, in fact, is through mobile communication technology to upgrade the wireless system, now mobile phone online upgrade system, has become a common thing. But the use of OTAs in cars has only become popular in recent years. A few years ago, with network speeds, processors, and locomotive systems at a very low level, it was a bit impractical to upgrade your car with OTAs.

Traditional OEM Challenge to move OTA technology

Dozens to hundreds of functional ECUs in the automotive EE architecture, which are provided by different suppliers and do not have a unified central code warehouse, where a variety of operating systems and applications run, so that the number of lines of code in the vehicle reaches hundreds of millions of levels.
The decentralized functional architecture of the past has made cars less central brain processor-focused processing software logic than modern mobile phones. Doing the whole OTA in a decentralized EE architecture is like trying 30 people’s feet together and everyone taking a step forward at the same time, which is much more difficult to coordinate than only 2 to 3 people doing it.

People are using their familiar things to think and understand new things, talking about upgrading most people’s understanding of upgrading is the mobile phone APP upgrade, mobile phone system upgrade, windows system updates and other familiar things, feel that upgrading is a relatively easy thing.

Security Risk in OTA upgradation

Today’s cars have more than 100 ECUs and more than 100 million lines of code, giving a huge supply side. The difficulty is that automakers get ECUs from many different suppliers, which means that no hacker can control or even familiarize themselves with all the source code for the vehicle. Here is the cyber attacks bridge for hackers, solution: Cyber security.