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The transportation industry is evolving at an unprecedented pace; manufacturers face many challenges in their bid to remain profitable; Amongst the converging economic pressures, fixed costs continue to rise. Industry mandates on safety regulations, emission control, noise reduction, and driver fatigue continue to force increased R&D spending on an efficient engine and alternate powertrain design.

As rising global industrial activity presents opportunities for entry into new and developing markets such as Brazil, Russia, India, and China, these emerging economies also give rise to global competition, including lower cost competitors with strong localized relationships. Advancing product and technology innovations such as hybridization and electrification are rapidly shifting fleet owner demands for product enhancements and value-added services. ARi helps companies gain operational efficiencies and increase productivity while rapidly innovating, testing, and optimizing new and unique product designs.

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ARi - ABS Diagnostic Tool

ABS Diagnostic Tool

ARi developed a diagnostic tool to test complete ABS Software using anti-lock braking (ABS) applications This desktop-based application monitors and displays the diagnostics information through Garuda and Python interface hardware from three different types of ECUs: Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and KB.
Hydraulic Fan Design

Hydraulic Drive Fan Design

A global market leader in heavy machinery manufacturing approached ARI to develop a new Fan design that replaces the standard drive fan option.
Safety Improvements Using Non-Destructive Ultrasonic Testing

Safety Improvements Using Non-Destructive Ultrasonic Testing

A customer approached ARi to perform non-destructive ultrasonic testing (NDT) inspections on their articulated truck machines, specifically looking for the presence of cracks on the truck’s wheel hubs caused by the cool down production process.
Jigs & Fixtures Bearing Cap Assembly Fixture

Jigs & Fixtures-Assembly Line Automation

Logistics Solution Pallet Material Handling

Logistics Solution-Pallet-Material Handling

Automation Architecture

Automation Architecture

Tool Design - Fabrication & Assembly

Tool Design – Fabrication & Assembly

Welding Fixture Design & Manufacturing

Welding Fixture Design & Manufacturing

Robotic Machine Tending – Piston Manufacturing

Ply Cutting Robotic Solutions – Tire & Rubber Industry

ARi Transportation Industry

Heavy Equipments

Aim of any machine is to leverage seamless production and improve product profitability. Today’s heavy machinery manufacturers from Agriculture , Construction and Mining industries must produce state-of-the-art technology to compete with the global competition. The increasing complexity between high-tech sensors, increased product life and complying with industry standards, design and testing never ends. ARi aids the development of your heavy machinery by ensuring powertrains, fuel efficiency, integrated systems and other features are the most advanced possible.

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Mechanical Agitation Enhancement – Agri Machinery Sector

Enhancing Rotary Blast Drills – For Global Construction Equipment’s Leader

Finite Element Analysis (FEA): Batching Plant

Finite Element Analysis (FEA): Cone Crusher Model

Finite Element Analysis (FEA): Loop Belt

Finite Element Analysis (FEA): Self-Loading Mixture Machine Cabin (ROPS & FOPS)

Equipment Cost Reduction – For a Leading Manufacturer of Construction Equipment

Warehouse Management System – Construction Equipment’s

Software for Crop Care – Agri Machinery Sector

Self-Propelled Windrowers Advancements – Agri Machinery Sector

ARi - Heavy Equipment Industry

Manufacturing & Logistics

Global industrial markets continue to evolve towards automated system implementation. As sales of industrial automation equipment remain dependent on the industries they serve, OEM’s must continually develop new product lines to meet customer demands for performance and functionality. Small production volumes and a wide array of required customer applications require manufacturers to drive innovation within existing technologies and leverage technological advances to meet customer demands.

ARi helps companies remain competitive by developing upgradable and adaptable products while maintaining high levels of specialized and localized value-added services. We focus on developing automation (system) and processes that minimize errors and speeds up production, thereby increasing the quality, production rate, and flexibility of the manufacturing process.

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ARi - Lean Analysis, Productivity Improvement

Lean Analysis, Productivity Improvement

A heavy machinery manufacturer approached ARi to provide a line optimization report for their engine assembly area.
Line Automation Solution Drum Welding Line Automation

Line Automation Solution-Drum Welding Line Automation

Material Handling Conveyor Systems

Material Handling-Conveyor Systems

Material Handling Solution Autonomous Mobile Robot

Material Handling Solution-Autonomous Mobile Robot

SPM Drilling & Cutting Machine

Special Purpose Machine-Drilling & Cutting Machine

SPM Hose Coiling Machine

Special Purpose Machine-Hose Coiling Machine

SPM Wire Coiling Machine

Special Purpose Machine-Wire Coiling Machine

Scaling Online E-commerce – Construction Sector

Welding Fixture Design for Truck Frame Sub Assembly – Steel Sector

ARi - Manufacturing & Logistics Industry


The marine field has been evolving for the past few decades. The equipment onboard any vessel must be incredibly advanced to meet the qualifications of today’s shipping demands. As well, military vessels benefit from the innovation of marine technology, giving them better line of site and precise location tracking while out at sea. ARi helps naval architects design the complex engineering systems the marine field depends on and continues to help push innovation wherever they can.

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A low cost and fuel saving solution of a variable speed transmission for a marine genset

Low Cost Solution

A large Marine OEM reached out to ARi to develop a low cost and fuel saving solution of a variable speed transmission for a marine genset.
ARi - Marine Industry

Energy & Utilities

The new market dynamics of Oil & Gas industry is characterized by prices that are relatively low which has made difficult for O&G companies to operate profitably across the industry value chain. They must identify core strengths to streamline the underlying processes and minimize operational costs. Similarly, the utility industry is on the threshold of massive restructuring, as it looks to upgrade an ageing infrastructure, harness smart grid technologies, shift to renewables, and transform distribution and storage systems.

With increased competition and growing customer demands, utility companies are gradually changing themselves into efficient digital enterprises. ARi offers a suite of comprehensive solutions for the utilities sector, which enables companies to optimize operations and improve profitability. Our solutions and support services are scalable, with the flexibility to reconfigure or support applications in a cost-effective manner. We also provide end-to-end software and systems integration solutions, Advanced Analytics, re-engineering, and automation solutions.

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ARi - Dual-Fuel Control Strategy Using ARi Engine Test Labs

Dual-Fuel Control Strategy Using ARi Engine Test Labs

A heavy machinery OEM approached ARi to develop and validate control strategies on large duel fuel engines.
Brazing Fixture Design - HVAC components

Brazing Fixture Design – HVAC components

Automated Document Processing & Data Extraction – Medical Industry

Sales Dashboard Validation – Medical Industry

Aerospace & Defense

From system controls to ground communication, software is playing an increasing role as highly specialized and safety-critical systems require bug-free code that is fully integrated with the underlying hardware platform. At ARi, we work to execute high-quality manufacturing, software, and hardware engineering solutions which are optimally positioned to deliver more cost-effective, reliable, and cutting-edge solutions to the Aerospace & Defence segments.

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End-of-line Tester (EOL) systems

Integrated Powerpack

A major OEM approached ARi to fabricate and assist in the validation of a new prototype military powerpack for an off & on road application.
Robotic Machining Aerostrcture

Robotic Machining-Aerostrcture

Test System - Transmission Controller & Electronics

Test System – Transmission Controller & Electronics

ARi - Defence Industry


ARi - Product Engineering Services

Product Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering

ARi - Embedded Engineering

Embedded Engineering

ARi - Digital Engineering Services

Digital Transformation

ARi - Testing & Validation Services

Testing & Validation

ARi - Automation & Robotics Solutions

Automation & Robotics