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Integrated Engineering, Industrial Automation and Digitalization

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ARi is a leading provider of Integrated Engineering, Industrial Automation and Digital Transformation solutions.

One-stop Solution provider combining mechanical product design, electronics, embedded design, software development & testing and manufacturing engineering capabilities along with a portfolio of Industrial Automation and Robotics Products and solutions.

ARi Expertise

What we do
ARi - Product Engineering Services

Product Engineering

ARi’s has a dedicated team of professionals who provide support with product design engineering
ARi - Digital Engineering Services

Digital Transformation

ARi provides scalable offerings for every automation requirement that increase the quality and flexibility of the manufacturing process
ARi - Automation & Robotics Solutions

Automation & Robotics

We have successfully delivered integrated and innovative turn-key solutions that start from the architecture to system prototypes


ARi - Virtual Product Engineering services

Virtual Product Engineering

ARi - Benchmarking & Reverse-Engineering Services

Benchmarking & Reverse-Engineering

ARi - Smart Digital Manufacturing services

Digital Manufacturing

ARi - Embedded Engineering

Embedded Engineering

ARi - Customer Experience

Digital Experience

ARi - Data Analytics & AI services

Data Analytics & Ai

ARi - Engine Testing

Engine Testing

ARi - Logistics Solutions

Logistics Solutions

ARi - Special Purpose Machines - Hydraulic Scissor Lifts, Rubber Testing Equipments and Coil Winding Machines

Special Purpose Machines

ARi - Powertrain Solutions

Powertrain Solutions


Sectors we serve

Saved thousands of dollars paid for downtime warranty and improved fuel efficiency


ARi helps companies gain operational efficiencies and increase productivity while rapidly innovating, testing, and optimizing new and unique product designs.

ARi Transportation Industry

Reduced equipment change-over time by 40%

Heavy Equipments

ARi aids the development of your heavy machinery by ensuring powertrains, fuel efficiency, integrated systems and other features are the most advanced possible.

ARi - Heavy Equipment Industry

Optimized assembly line - reduced waste from 91% to 33%

Manufacturing & Logistics

ARi helps companies remain competitive by developing upgradable and adaptable products while maintaining high levels of specialized and localized value-added services.

ARi - Manufacturing & Logistics Industry
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Create world class innovative solutions that will positively impact the industry.