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Technology around the world has evolved in the last decade, including tracking, identifying, and fulfilling various gaps. Customers are now nudging companies to upgrade their business markets and adapt to the new market realities. Since businesses are adopting IT transformation to satisfy end-user demands and better product experiences, digital transformation services are now in high demand.

Irrespective of the industry, geography or compliance barriers, the business environment is making a paradigm shift towards digital transformation solutions. Customers and the market need relevant, real-time information for what they are doing at any given time on any device.

ARi - Digital Engineering Services

Our Expertise


3S – Strategy-Solution-Support

Ensure holistic success with our end-to-end digital transformation implementation services – from strategy to solution to ongoing support.

Innovative telematics and infotainment solutions

We leverage forward-thinking technologies for improved visual experiences to maximize efficiency and usability for different domains.

Human-centric design thinking

Our digital transformation journey begins with technology, but it’s rooted in compassion, thus, creating digital transformation solutions and designs that resonate with the human experience.

Security-centric approach

Our all-inclusive cybersecurity approach covers all levels of your organization simultaneously. From operational to field levels, from access control to copy protection preventing internal & external cyberattacks.

Agile transformation methodologies

Our digital transformation services assist in achieving sustainable results for your business and establish agility with customized solutions based on assessing your capabilities.

Holistic digital strategy architecture

We offer a holistic digital transformation strategy that encompasses all phases of transformation by measuring your business readiness with a thorough technology assessment.

Mastery of data-driven insights and analytics

Our experts leverage digital transformation metrics for data-driven insights and analytics to improve customer experience.

Cloud-native expertise and hybrid cloud integration

ARi specializes in cloud deployment, migration, computing, and configuration. We help your business with, reduced operational costs, speedier development and deployment, and sustainability.

How Can ARi’s Digital Transformation Expertise Help Your Business?

Business Benefits

Save cost and time

Easy tracking of errors

Optimal utilization of existing resources

Case Studies

Customer Success
ARi - Salesforce – OEM Product Registration

Salesforce – OEM Product Registration

ARi helped a company in streamlining their machine registration process and improve digital onboarding of their customers.
Salesforce – Opportunity Management

Salesforce – Opportunity Management

ARi was approached to streamline Salesforce leads by directing the website requests to the corresponding distributor by region and establishing a communication channel between them.
2D Drawings & 3D Models design

ARi Capabilities Demo App

ARi team created an inhouse application to be used by sales personnel for demonstration of ARi services and solutions.
Telematics Operator Efficiency Monitoring

Telematics Operator Efficiency Monitoring

ARi developed an application to monitor the operator performance data, perform data analysis and develop display application for shocasing telemetric information from the customer cloud server.

What Differentiates us From Our Peers/Competitors

Our Key Differentiators
Adoption of emerging and progressive transformation technologies by leveraging new-age technologies, we ensure that your digital landscape meets current demands and is future-ready.
In-depth strategy and technological assessment only after meticulously examining your current infrastructure and business goals can we identify opportunities, challenges, and the most fitting technologies for a tailored transformation plan.
Constant optimization for sustainable growth beyond digital transformation implementation, we’re committed to constant optimization and fine-tuning your digital ecosystem for sustained efficiency and growth.
AI and automation excellence Our expertise in AI applications, machine learning algorithms, and automation helps reduce manual efforts and boost efficiency across the table.
Decision-making support to cut costs and risks we support leaders in making informed decisions, mitigating risks, and optimizing costs throughout the digital transformation journey.
Speed and scale in end-to-end digital transformation from rapid prototyping to streamlined implementation, our end-to-end approach accelerates the pace of your digital evolution without compromising on quality or scalability.
Collaborative partnership approach collaborating with your team ensures that our digital solutions are not just implemented but integrated harmoniously, creating a synergy that enhances organizational capabilities.
Customized solutions we tailor every aspect of our digital transformation services to align with your business needs and maximize the impact on your operations, customer experiences, and overall business outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

A digital transformation framework is not mandatory, but it’s crucial for your company’s competitive edge and sustained success. Being digitally fluent reduces inefficiencies, lowers operating expenses, and can reshape your business. For example, adopting a cloud-based model enables global collaboration and instant access to vital data. To add new value to employees, customers, and stakeholders, digital transformation is the key.

We assist you in 4 stages:

  1. Digital transformation strategy assessment
  2. Digital transformation technology assessment
  3. Digital transformation implementation
  4. Constant optimization

With our dynamic digital transformation experts, you can rethink and redefine how your business interacts with customers, utilize emerging technologies, and create new revenue sources.
Our support extends to process, business model, domain, and organizational transformation.

The cost of digital transformation services in the USA varies from $ 50,000 to $ 500,000 depending on the complexity of your project, the technologies used, the scale of the transformation, and more.

Factors affecting the cost:

  • Technology infrastructure
  • Tech stack integrations
  • Organization size
  • Digital skills gaps
  • Business goals
  • Regulatory compliance and security

Contact us for a detailed quote after a digital transformation consultation.

We follow these steps for defining your digital transformation strategy:

  • Analysis of your current infrastructure
  • Understanding your business goals
  • Access the latest industry trends
  • Identifying the right technologies
  • Determining investments
  • Planning a phased implementation
  • Ensuring a tailored approach
  • Defining success measures and reevaluating

Completing a digital transformation solution can take between 12 to 18 months. The factors that influence the timeline include:

  • People
  • Processes
  • Objectives
  • Structure
  • Insights and Intent
  • Technology
Yes, indeed, your existing systems will be integrated to maximize the value of your current investment. Integrating legacy systems in a modern infrastructure can be challenging at times, but with proper planning and implantation, it’s not impossible. We help you minimize disruptions for a cohesive technological landscape.
Only the most robust security protocols and systems are part of our digital transformation journey. We rely on the defence in-depth concept with zero trust principles and take proactive protection against threats. Our team can guarantee the most up-to-date protection for our customers and our systems.

Some of our ongoing support and maintenance solutions include:

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Proactive issue resolution
  • Continuous optimization
  • Fixing bugs
  • Adding security updates
  • Adding more modules
  • Enhancing performance
  • Ensuring application stability even in changing environments

As a result, you can expect sustained efficiency and performance in your digital ecosystem.

Digital transformation impacts your workforce by requiring collaboration between digital operations and a digitally skilled workforce, supported by effective leadership. We offer training programs and management strategies to aid this shift. As roles evolve, technology fosters better collaboration, solving challenges and ushering in positive change.

Some of the common challenges include:

  • A risk-averse culture
  • Internal resistance to change
  • Lack of expertise
  • Insufficient budgets
  • Continuous evolution of customer needs
  • Security concerns

With 2 decades of experience, our expert digital transformation professionals are well-equipped to meet all these challenges and collaborate with you on any futuristic technology enhancement and expansion opportunities.