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ARi Data Services enables you in gathering new insights & real-time decision making



Data is the new currency driving the whole world. ARi’s Data Analytics and AI services help organizations leapfrog in their journey of figuring out valuable actionable insights. These insights help to unearth infinite known or unknown possibilities in their businesses with help of latest technologies. A large set of data is produced by a connected factory implementing a loop towards autonomous operations which provides exquisite extensions or support to the existing manufacturing systems & traditional lean manufacturing techniques. ARi provides unique range of expertise, from Intelligent Control System, Iot & Enterprise Applications, with its data analytics and further, AI-powered solutions.


DATA ANALYTICS and AIDATA ANALYTICS and AI Strategy Planning Services
  • Business Understanding 
  • Technology Plan
  • Data Platform Strategy to scale AI
  • Problem Definition & Impact Measurement
  • Data Governance
DATA ANALYTICS and AIDATA ANALYTICS and AI Solution Development Services

It Insights

  • ITSM Insights: Ticket analysis, allocation, MTTR
  • Application Insights
  • Infrastructure Insights

Operational Insights

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Shop floor insights
  • HR  analytics: Attrition analysis, employee performance, Talent acquisition, Skill Gap Analysis


  • Data Visualization as a service
  • Dashboards and Insights
  • Report Design
  • Process Automation
DATA ANALYTICS and AIDATA ANALYTICS and AI Operational Support Services
  • Continuous Learning Model
  • MLOps



Up to 20% improvement in production

20-30% reduction in test cycle time

Reduces downtime

Optimized operational & maintenance cost


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