Case Studies


Ply Cutting Robotic Solutions – Tire & Rubber Industry

Scrap Cutting & Recycling Machine – Metal Industry

Robotic Machine Tending – Piston Manufacturing

Automated Injection Molding Solution – Toothbrush Manufacturing

Welding Fixture Design & Manufacturing

Welding Fixture Design & Manufacturing

Tool Design - Fabrication & Assembly

Tool Design – Fabrication & Assembly

Test System - Transmission Controller & Electronics

Test System – Transmission Controller & Electronics

Lifting Solution

Lifting Solution

Brazing Fixture Design - HVAC components

Brazing Fixture Design – HVAC components

Automation Architecture

Automation Architecture

SPM Wire Coiling Machine

Special Purpose Machine-Wire Coiling Machine

SPM Hose Coiling Machine

Special Purpose Machine-Hose Coiling Machine

SPM Drilling & Cutting Machine

Special Purpose Machine-Drilling & Cutting Machine

SPM Compression Testing Machine

Special Purpose Machine-Compression Testing Machine

Robotic Machining Aerostrcture

Robotic Machining-Aerostrcture

Material Handling Solution Hydraulic Lift

Material Handling Solution-Hydraulic Lift

Material Handling Solution Autonomous Mobile Robot

Material Handling Solution-Autonomous Mobile Robot

Material Handling Conveyor Systems

Material Handling-Conveyor Systems

Logistics Solution Pallet Material Handling

Logistics Solution-Pallet-Material Handling

Logistics Solution Bins Material Handling

Logistics Solution-Bins-Material Handling

Line Automation Solution Drum Welding Line Automation

Line Automation Solution-Drum Welding Line Automation

Jigs & Fixtures Bearing Cap Assembly Fixture

Jigs & Fixtures-Assembly Line Automation

Cobot Solution

Cobotic Solution


Where did the oil go?

Marine Genset IP44 Generator

Kit for Marine Generator IP44 compliance

Designed a kit that makes existing marine generator IP44 compatible
Marine Genset

Design of  Electrical Harness-Marine Genset

ARi designed electrical harness of marine gensets
ARi - Desgin of Electric Rope Shovel

Design of Electric Rope Shovel

Designed a complete electrical arrangement subsystem wise along with fully parametric CAD designs
Telematics Operator Efficiency Monitoring

Telematics Operator Efficiency Monitoring

ARi developed an application to monitor the operator performance data, perform data analysis and develop display application for shocasing telemetric information from the customer cloud server.
ARi - GUI Tool Development- Realtime Monitoring & Diagnostics

GUI Tool Devt- Realtime Monitoring & Diagnostics

ARi developed a GUI tool for dealers and service technicians to allow them to remotely connect, monitor and diagnose the machines.
ARi - "AR Delta"- Vehicle Monitoring & Diagnostics System

“AR Delta”- Vehicle Monitoring & Diagnostics System

ARi developed & tested a complete AR DELTA system, used to monitor the vehicle parameters and OBD compatible diagnostics over the wireless network.
2D Drawings & 3D Models design

ARi Capabilities Demo App

ARi team created an inhouse application to be used by sales personnel for demonstration of ARi services and solutions.
Salesforce – Opportunity Management

Salesforce – Opportunity Management

ARi was approached to streamline Salesforce leads by directing the website requests to the corresponding distributor by region and establishing a communication channel between them.
ARi - Salesforce – OEM Product Registration

Salesforce – OEM Product Registration

ARi helped a company in streamlining their machine registration process and improve digital onboarding of their customers.
ARi - Salesforce – Business Plan for OEM

Salesforce – Business Plan for OEM

ARi developed a single page application to view the current year information and entering key information that would calculate the sales target for next year.
Reduction in CAB Costs

Salesforce B2B – Commerce platform

ARi assisted in providing a storefront to each distributor where customers can browse products, products prices, and manage their accounts.
Reduction in CAB Costs

Tools Subscriptions Management

ARi was approached to manage the licensing, renewal, and subscriptions of the service tool for dealers and customers.
A low cost and fuel saving solution of a variable speed transmission for a marine genset

Low Cost Solution

A large Marine OEM reached out to ARi to develop a low cost and fuel saving solution of a variable speed transmission for a marine genset.
ARi - Dual-Fuel Control Strategy Using ARi Engine Test Labs

Dual-Fuel Control Strategy Using ARi Engine Test Labs

A heavy machinery OEM approached ARi to develop and validate control strategies on large duel fuel engines.
ARi - Lean Analysis, Productivity Improvement

Lean Analysis, Productivity Improvement

A heavy machinery manufacturer approached ARi to provide a line optimization report for their engine assembly area.
End-of-line Tester (EOL) systems

Integrated Powerpack

A major OEM approached ARi to fabricate and assist in the validation of a new prototype military powerpack for an off & on road application.
Safety Improvements Using Non-Destructive Ultrasonic Testing

Safety Improvements Using Non-Destructive Ultrasonic Testing

A customer approached ARi to perform non-destructive ultrasonic testing (NDT) inspections on their articulated truck machines, specifically looking for the presence of cracks on the truck’s wheel hubs caused by the cool down production process.
Hydraulic Fan Design

Hydraulic Drive Fan Design

A global market leader in heavy machinery manufacturing approached ARI to develop a new Fan design that replaces the standard drive fan option.
ARi - ABS Diagnostic Tool

ABS Diagnostic Tool

ARi developed a diagnostic tool to test complete ABS Software using anti-lock braking (ABS) applications This desktop-based application monitors and displays the diagnostics information through Garuda and Python interface hardware from three different types of ECUs: Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and KB.
Network Design Solutions for Off-highway Equipment

Network Design Solutions for Off-highway Equipment

A leading manufacturer of off-highway equipment approached ARi to help improve and reduce the flashing mechanism that is used to deploy applications into the ECU.
ARi - Heavy Equipment Industry

Reduction in CAB Costs

A heavy machinery manufacturer of off-road construction, mining, and paving machines approached ARi to update an existing CAB (operator station).
2D Drawings & 3D Models design

Commonization of Welding Adaptor

An heavy construction equipment manufacturer reached out to ARi on tool design support for designing a common welding adaptor to do full welding of 3 variants.
ARi - AutoSAR Architecture Implementation

AutoSAR Architecture Implementation

ARi worked closely with a leading fortune 500 heavy automotive, earth moving, agricultural and construction company to develop the AUTOSAR architecture.
End-of-line Tester (EOL) systems

Devt of Integrated Powerpack for Military Vehicle

ARi developed a 700hp integrated Powerpack with all auxiliary systems, designed & procured peripheral parts like Alternator, Hydraulics, Air & Cooling systems.
Design and development of Radiator Plugging Bench

Design & devt of Radiator Plugging Bench

ARi conceptualized, designed, developed, integrated and built a Radiator test bench to simulate the observed plugging phenomena and study the deterioration of cooling performance.
CoP Testing on Engines for Construction Equipment

CoP Testing on Engines for Construction Equipment

ARi was invited to perform CoP performance and emission tests on a family of industrial engines to check conformance to Tier 3 emission norms.
Tear down analysis of Construction Equipment

Tear down analysis of Construction Equipment

Managed competitor machine field performance trials, machine teardown, 3D-CMM measurements, CAD model creation, material testing and baseline FEA analysis.
ARi - Cost Modelling

Cost Modelling

ARi was invited to determine the product cost of connecting rod sourcing from external vendor
Manufacturing Execution System

Application Devt – Data Engineering

ARi developed an application that creates a scheduling dashboard displaying multiple weeks schedule
Virtual Assembly Validation

Virtual Assembly Validation

ARi was invited to create Assembly process plans for Excavator and validate New Product Introduction (NPI) design
Application Devt-Build Book Automation

Application Devt-Build Book Automation

ARi created an application that optimizes time taken & the manual effort involved to prepare a Build book for any given Sales Order
2D Drawings & 3D Models design

Engine Assembly Line Optimization

ARi matched Line Production Vs Line Capacity, identified bottlenecks in the Engine Assembly Line and simulated existing and new models
Unit testing – Platform Driver S/W

Unit testing – Platform Driver S/W

Tested platform driver software debugging and verified duty cycle and frequency for PWM/Frequency inputs & outputs using Function generator/Oscilloscope
Virtual Assembly Validation

Test Automation tool

Tested Automation Tool for all kinds of cross-platform desktop, embedded, mobile and web applications
Platform Software Devt – HAL Libraries

Platform Software Devt – HAL Libraries

ARI developmed testing of Hardware Abstraction Layer Components for different ECUs based on different Micro Controller.
End-of-line Tester (EOL) systems

Platform Software Devt – AUTOSAR BSW

Implemented basic Software as per AUTOSAR requirements for Agricultural, Earthmoving , Off-highway  & Turf utility vehicles