ARi - Smart Digital Manufacturing services

Digital Manufacturing

Empower manufacturing with the power of digitalization


We have developed a core technical services team to handle the latest CAD technology and work towards platform standardization, migration and procurement support using different tools. We integrate our diversified knowledge and experience with the latest categorical technologies to support our clients in developing the right set of solutions and environment to meet specific production requirements.



Virtual Build

Virtual Review & Audit

Tooling , Ergo Visibility Analysis

Design for X – Assembly, Manufacturability, Serviceability

Facility Planning & Validation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Discrete Event Simulation (DES)



Optimize utilization of
raw materials

Improves safety

Reduces factory
lead times

Better product quality

Case Studies

2D Drawings & 3D Models design

Engine Assembly Line Optimization

ARi matched Line Production Vs Line Capacity, identified bottlenecks in the Engine Assembly Line and simulated existing and new models
Application Devt-Build Book Automation

Application Devt-Build Book Automation

ARi created an application that optimizes time taken & the manual effort involved to prepare a Build book for any given Sales Order
Virtual Assembly Validation

Virtual Assembly Validation

ARi was invited to create Assembly process plans for Excavator and validate New Product Introduction (NPI) design


ARi - Product Design Optimization Services

Product Design Optimization

Process & Quality Planning

Process & Quality Planning

ARi - Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain & Logistics Simulation

ARi - Manufacturing Execution Systems

Manufacturing Execution Systems

ARi - After Sales Support

After Sales Support