Automation & Robotics

Automation & Robotics

We have successfully delivered integrated and innovative turn-key solutions that start from the architecture to system prototypes

Experience Short Cycle Times, Versatility, And Mechanical Reliability with Robotic Automation Applications


Many organisations implement automation and robotics solutions to some extent but lack the strategic focus to reap all its benefits.

With a comprehensive approach to robotic automation engineering, you can reduce costs and create differentiation with real-time intelligence. At ARi, we integrate AI capabilities with robotic automation applications in a way that augments work and replaces work digitally.

Our industrial robotics solutions are known for building custom automation tools that fit your needs, timelines, and budgets. Your organisation can expect the robots, automation, and end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) for your project with complete support from ARi to make it successful. You can even choose from our library of pre-set cases for risk-free and fast progress – from the orchestration to the autonomic and cognitive computing stages.

ARi - Automation & Robotics Solutions


ARi - Logistics Solutions

Logistics Solutions

Streamline supply chain operations with better truck conveyor loading and unloading solutions. Using robotic automation engineering, you can reduce your loading and unloading times to under 2 minutes and reduce labour costs. The dock-to-truck loading systems help in the loading and unloading of goods with the help of innovative automation solutions. Choose a modular robotic automation system for future adaptability with manual and auto mode options, increasing safety and visibility while minimising truck waiting time.
ARi - Warehouse Solution

Warehouse Solutions

Overcome challenges related to space utilisation, efficiency, and inventory control with integrated robotics solutions for your warehouse. It ensures precision and productivity, promises safety, and minimises downtime for your business operations. You can integrate our solutions with your existing ERP/MES, get access to the live dashboard for real-time monitoring, and choose from manual and auto modes of operation traceability. Our industrial robotics services are ergonomically engineered for increased safety and to ensure better inventory control and accuracy.
ARi - Automated Material Handling Solutions

Material Handling Solutions

Resolve issues related to inventory inaccuracy, manpower fatigue and material movement or damage with the power of automated conveyor systems and robotic solutions. We offer customisable solutions that optimise your material flow, minimise downtime, and increase throughput for smooth operations in manufacturing environments. Reduce utility costs and product damage, improve tracking and safety, and ensure efficient production planning with ARi’s integrated robotics solutions.
ARi - Line Automation Solutions

Line Automation Solutions

Move towards smart manufacturing with fixed, programmable, and flexible automation for your manufacturing lines. Your business will benefit from production forecasting, balanced station workloads, reduced cycle times, and better safety. With features like vision systems, real-time tracking, online and offline programming and live data logging and analysis, you always enjoy the competitive edge. Whether it’s line design, line building, throughput study, or line development, we offer Industry 4.0-driven solutions with our industrial robotics services.
ARi - End of Line Automation Solutions

End of Line Solutions

Manage end-products effectively using our intelligent packaging solutions powered by industrial automation solutions. We help you ensure product quality, accuracy, and efficiency at the end of the production line with turnkey solutions for robotics. Whether it’s labelling and coding, palletizing, case sealing, handling, identification, or stretch wrapping, our solutions can help you improve production speed and ergonomics. As a result, you can reduce customer complaints, improve quality control, and always assure safety.
ARi - Traceability Solution

Traceability Solutions

Build a highly efficient way to track all your inventory and monitor product movement, production data, and compliance with regulatory standards. With our integrated robotics solutions, you can solve supply chain disruptions, improve data accuracy, and overcome efficiency and productivity loss-related industry challenges. Our core solutions include chain traceability, internal traceability, laser marking/printing, RFID, and barcode. It helps with value stream mapping, reduces warranty, and recall impact, helps in the early detection of defects, and improves overall quality.
ARi - Poka Yoke Solutions

Poka-Yoke Solutions

You can prevent errors and defects before they occur with innovative error-proofing solutions that leverage sensors, vision systems and automation technologies to detect and correct errors in real-time. Our robotic automation engineering solutions offer features like online and offline programming, integration with existing ERP/MES, predictive maintenance framework, and live data logging and analysis. It improves quality, branding, and regulation compliance for your business and assures timely defect detection and resolution.

Robots & Cobots

Collaborate with Robots and Cobots to manage complex processes effectively at work through an extended arm. These industrial automation services help you overcome challenges related to time management, work completion, precise operations, hazardous environments, and more. The solutions are easily programmable and help increase uptime, quality, and safety.
ARi - Special Purpose Machines - Hydraulic Scissor Lifts, Rubber Testing Equipments and Coil Winding Machines

Special Purpose Machines

We bring you automation and robotics solutions that can design and develop bespoke, innovative, special-purpose machines to suit your requirements fully. These include Hydraulic Scissor Lifts, Rubber Testing Equipment, Coiling & Winding Machines, Film Roll Loading Trolley and more. Our tailored industrial robotics services optimise performance, increase throughput, and drive innovation in manufacturing processes.



Save cost and time

Easy tracking of errors

Optimal utilization of existing resources

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the core reasons why companies transition to robotic automation engineering is to improve productivity in industries. At ARi, we have created turnkey solutions for automation in various industries – Industrial Manufacturing, Warehousing & Logistics, Automotive, Food & Beverage, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, and many more. Whether your business specialises in production, distribution, or assembly, our industrial robotics solutions can address all your specific needs and challenges.

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Our automation and robotics solutions enhance productivity and work safety. For many of our clients, embracing industrial robots to handle tasks with high injury risks has been beneficial in protecting their employees. Also, it enables human workers to focus on functions demanding critical thinking and specialized training. It also assures increased production efficiency and lower costs. You can achieve long-term savings with waste reduction and precise task execution. We recommend proactive maintenance measures for the longevity and reliability of your automation systems.
By leveraging advanced robotic automation engineering, we optimize processes, minimise manual labour, and enhance productivity in your industrial setup, resulting in cost savings and improved operational efficiency. Our automation and robotics solutions offer real-time intelligence and data analytics capabilities, enabling informed decision-making for leaders across various industries.
Yes, we understand that your business is unique. Thus, we offer turnkey solutions for automation and robotics and robotic automation systems aligned with your specific requirements and budgets. Whether it’s a greenfield/brownfield project or you require a modular robotic system or a special-purpose machine, we can provide customized solutions to all our clients.
Our team of experts works closely with you to ensure the seamless integration of our solutions into existing operations. We provide comprehensive support, from initial consultation and design to implementation, testing, and training. Our solutions are designed to integrate with existing ERP/MES systems, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.
At ARi, we want to build long-term partnerships with clients and, thus, offer continuous ongoing support and maintenance services after we implement automation robotic solutions. Our team can address any issues and offer training and technical assistance for the continued success of your new initiatives. Reach out to us to schedule a consultation, and we will help you throughout the process.