Let’s walk together on ARi’s Brand journey!

Brand journey

A brand is one of the most precious asset of a company, and a strong brand is one that is well supported & sees continual participation from internal & external stakeholders. The internal customer brand alignment (whether it is leadership or the newest hire) is as crucial as external customer communication.

The ever evolving & interesting exercise of Brand building can be done at various levels:

  1. Company Branding: We all need to have clarity on Who we are as a company & what ARi stands for as this is key for successful brand building.
  2. Individual Branding: All employees can act as brand ambassadors of the company. They embody the organization values & are flagbearers of company’s mission & vision.
  3. Attitude Branding: How our company is perceived in the minds of our customers, via our services or communication or business relationships constitutes Attitude Branding. Thus, creating a uniform & consistent brand on different platforms & different steps of the PLC is critical.

Walt Disney’s former CEO Michael Eisner once said, “A brand is a living entity – and it is enriched or undermined cumulatively over time to become the product of a thousand small gestures.”

In case of branding strategy there are multiple roads you can take to reach your destination (read Marketing goals). The best part is that there is no navigation app recommending the shortest & best path, so you get to choose your own mix and come up with a custom integrated plan that works only for your company.

All of us are working directly or indirectly with our valued Clients but like all things in life we all take different paths to have a customer connect, just listing down few routes from Marketing perspective that can be imbibed by any of you:

I.Social Media: By far one of the strongest tools for not just visibility but also business development strategies. There are variety of social media platforms available which helps us to reach out our specific potential customers and in general the digital audiences.

II.Technology: Importance of this word cannot be stressed enough. It has a global impact & more so on companies like us which must incorporate the tech advancements to our full gamut of services & solutions. Its paramount that we stay updated with other technologies evolving in the market as it can open numerous doors for enhancing the portfolio.

III. Tools: Use of Right Tools helps in not just publicizing but also mobilizing our products & services quickly. Regular usage & monitoring of these tools helps us in Market research, External Communication, Customer engagement, Marketing analytics, Performance management, Prospect Identification, tracking leads etc.

IV. Research: Market research is criticalin more thanways than we can imagine. It is a very powerful weapon to gain knowhow of theMarket dynamics, technological advancements, knowing our customer, Industry progress, Customer Expectations. It helps in gap analysis, minimize risks & take business decisions.

Creating a unique brand image is pivotal for the existence & growth of business. It should be defined, protected, and nurtured by all employees & led by the leadership team. In our own unique ways, each one of us can add value to enhance the ARi brand image.