ARi - Special Purpose Machines - Hydraulic Scissor Lifts, Rubber Testing Equipments and Coil Winding Machines

Special Purpose Machines

ARi’s automation and robotics team design and develop special purpose machines as per customer requirement



ARi has been designing and developing innovative, bespoke special-purpose machinery for various industries. Basis customer requirements we are capable of designing specific customized SPM. Few of the SPM developed by us include Scissor Lift, Rubber Testing Machine, Coiling & Winding Machine etc.



Hydraulic Scissor Lift

Hydraulic scissor lifts are custom designed and manufactured units based on customer specific requirements and application. These units are supplied with complete hydraulics, control system and inbuilt safety features.

Key Features:

  • Customised table tops for your work needs
  • Equipped with Sensors /
  • Limit Switches for safety and accuracy
  • Manual Locks in safety critical applications and maintenance

Rubber Testing Equipment

ARi provides three rubber testing equipments:

Automated Tack Testing Machine (ATTM):
ATTM is used for testing of Tack on Pressure – Sensitive Adhesives by rolling a ball as described in ASTM D3121-94.

Rubber Compression Machine (RCM):
RCM is an equipment which helps in performing rubber compression tests as outlined in ASTM D-395-03.

Automated Rebound Resilience Testing Machine (ARRM):
ARRM is an equivalent built around Zwick machine (performs the actual rebound resilience test) to preheat the rubber sample on a slow moving conveyor passing through an oven.

Coiling & Winding Machine

ARi’s coil and winding machine is capable of coiling and spooling hose, cables and tubes to create bundles.

Key Features:

  • Customizable to custom requirements
  • Customizable for any hose, tube and cable size
  • Adjustable coiling rate to match production rate
  • Adjustable length of bundles
  • Can be designed for variable coiling diameter
  • Can be designed to coil on bobbins


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