ARi - Logistics Solutions

Logistics Solutions

ARi’s Logistics Solution provides efficient handling through Truck Conveyor Loading & Unloading Solutions


ARi’s Logistics Solution solves Material Handling, Traceability, Tracking, Estimating Cargo Weight & Size, Low visibility in Transit & Turnaround Time, Low Efficiency during Loading/Unloading, People Safety and Assets Utilization related industry challenges.



Automated Truck Loading Systems (ATLS)

ARi’s Automated Truck Loading System automates cargo loading and unloading, reduces loading and unloading times drastically to under 2 minutes. Eliminates the labour requirements and related costs. Only a forklift operator is enough to load and unload an entire trailer.

Dock to Truck Loading Systems (DTLS)

Dock to Truck Loading Systems (DTLS)

ARi’s Dock Loading System (Bin Shuttle) is installed on the dock of facility. Bin Shuttle system helps loading and unloading of goods placed in bins between trucks conveyor system and multi level conveyors connecting to various areas inside the facility.

The system can align with bin conveyors inside the truck, receive bins and then transfer it to multi level conveyors.



Capable of handling Bins, Pallets (Customizable as per product’s Fit /Form/Function)

Modular system for future adaptability

Customizable – As per product’s Fit /Form/Function

Manual & Auto Mode Options

Wired & Wireless Controls

Capable of Integrating with MES/ERP

IP67 Rated Components

Online weighing & Tracking systems

Easy to operate

Retrofit existing trailers & Facility

Minimal Trailer Modification

Reduces No of Loading Bay’s

Integrated with Barcode scanners for Traceability



Increases Safety

Minimizes Truck Waiting time

Fast, Easy and Efficient

Increases visibility


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Warehouse Solutions

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Material Handling Solutions

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End of Line Solutions

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