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Powertrain Solutions

Focusing on the next generation of software and technologies, we work to increase efficiency and reduce cost, while making every machine safer




Oil Consumption Meter

ARi has designed an oil consumption meter to increase the accuracy of oil loss measurement while enhancing ease of use and adaptability to a variety of engine models & sizes. This device has proven more accurate than other meters on the market, with both historical and real-time monitoring of oil level through a unique I/O interface. ARiOUS’s mobility and adjustability of the mechanical design also ensures accurate results across diverse engines and settings.

Technical Specifications

Measurement TypeUltrasonic Sensing of engine oil level
Oil QuantityAccommodate any size engine
Measurement Resolution0. 1 mm oil level changes (5g for 500 cm3 oil pan)
CommunicationRS 232 to PC application and analog output
Voltage Supply120/220V 60/50Hz
Operating Temperature-15C to 50C
Dimensions (M x D x H)35cm x 42cm x 117cm
Weight18.2 kg


High Power Density

ARi developed an electric wastegate actuator for small gasoline passenger vehicles. Compared to pneumatic, electric actuation of the turbocharger wastegate enables precise control of various exhaust and turbo parameters leading to higher power density for smaller engines and reduced fuel consumption. Our electric actuator manages the engine boost pressure and turbo blade speed very accurately and responds rapidly during transient engine events. When the vehicle operator requests high acceleration, the actuator’s large static torque prevents air leakage enabling instantaneous boost pressure build-up. Because the actuator controls the wastegate independent from system pressure, reduced exhaust emissions and fuel consumption can be achieved through advanced engine control strategies. ARi has successfully passed several design verification tests validating the lifetime and robustness of our actuator. We are excited to partner with automotive suppliers, as they push the boundaries of the next generation engines.

ARi - YARKI Key Features

Key Features

Industry standard mounting and connector

Position and temperature feedback

Back-EMF controller protection

Full-length output shaft for various configurations

Rated for under hood use, continuous operation

Sealed enclosure

Extended Lifetime


Development Experts

At ARi, we have countless years of experience developing core software and unparalleled industry experience with earthmoving, heavy equipment, and automotive. This includes developing rugged ECUs for heavy equipment, construction, diesel and gas engines. With our AUTOSAR implementation team in place, the efficiency of our work has continued to excel. Our experienced team of engineers have performed ECU development for automated manual transmissions, continuously variable transmissions, engines, hybrid electric vehicles, and various vehicle-based motor and actuator applications.

ARi - ECU Development

Key Features


Our experienced team of engineers work to develop the hardware and partner with suppliers for end-to-end ECU hardware development.

Core Software

ARi has the core software experience to drive AUTOSAR compliant ECU development while possessing licenses for other software modules in addition to working with protocol stacks, such as J1939, LIN etc

Application Layer

Application Software, Application Specific Libraries, Application Configuration, Software Integration, System Integration.

Hardware Layer

Perform Dependent Layer – Analog, Digital, PWM Signals, MicroController, FPGA & ASIC

Communication Protocols

CAN / Ethernet / Serial / Modbus / BACnet / OPC

Operating Systems

Proprietary RTOs / Windows CE / Linux / Android / iOS

Control Systems

Reliable & Complete Solutions

We can provide a complete solution for ecu development including the requirements, development, ECUs, sensors, actuators, and component selection, and/or work with existing components. Our engineers can help to migrate existing control systems to new platforms, such as C to Matlab conversion, and/or we can provide the new hardware. Our control capabilities include design, analysis, software/hardware development and integration, testing (MIL/SIL/HIL), and verification. With our in-house facilities and staff of experienced engineers, we provide programming, development, installation, simulation, and testing services to develop innovative and high-quality control systems.

ARi - Control Systems

Key Offerings

Control Systems

Industrial Automation

ARi provides scalable offerings for every automation requirement that increase the quality and flexibility of the manufacturing process.
Control Systems

Vision Systems

We have numerous projects in the works in this space utilizing vision recognition capabilities. Our recognition capabilities can distinguish between subtle differences in a live video stream.
Control Systems

Electro-hydraulic Control Systems Carousel

We can provide advanced hydraulic control systems. We have developed software for heavy equipment manufacturers since our beginnings. Our experience ranges from simple in/out control to fully automated control. It includes “drive-by-wire” and operator assistance features that improve overall performance.
Control Systems

Engine Management System

ARi has provided solutions for engine management systems since 2001. We have extensive experience in embedded software development, engine algorithm development, engine performance development as well as emissions testing. We have provided solutions for after treatment systems as well. Our experience includes diesel, natural gas and other fuel blends.
Control Systems

Transmission Management Systems

ARi has developed transmission software for various systems including Automated Manual, full Automatic, Power Shift, Power Shuttle and Power Reversing Transmission Control Systems. In addition, we have provided integrated powertrain software control systems for 10+ years.

Powerpack Solutions

One Stop Solution

From concept to build/prototype and test, ARi develops the entire powerpack all under one roof. These Powerpacks include a cooling module, engine, transmission, flywheel, hydraulics, electrical, and software packaging and design. We pride ourselves on becoming an integral partner in the conceptual design and development of the hardware and software, fabrication, validation, and packaging. Through our innovation, adaptability, and ingenuity we provide end to end engineering solutions for complex powerpacks.

ARi - Powerpack

Key Offerings

Powerpack Solutions


  • Concept
  • Design
  • Analysis
  • Cost-reduction
  • Weight-reduction
Powerpack Solutions


  • Subassemblies
  • Welded structures
  • Fabrication
  • Harness
  • Mechanic Shop
Powerpack Solutions

Testing & Validation

  • Test Cells Validation
  • Test Bench Validation
  • Subcomponent
  • Validation
  • Lead Testing
  • SIL/HIL Testing
  • Software/Hardware
  • Integration and Testing
Powerpack Solutions

Virtual Engineering

  • Ergonomics
  • Serviceability
  • Process planning
  • Standardization
  • Communization
  • Cost-reduction
Powerpack Solutions

Manufacturing Support

  • Manufacturability
  • Manufacturing process
  • selection
  • Inventory management
  • Supplier management
Powerpack Solutions


  • First article
  • production and standardization
  • Fixturing and production planning
  • Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP)
  • Serial production


ARi Autonomous Solutions

Autonomous Solutions

ARi - Canari - Completely Customizable Interface

Canari Software