ARi - Canari - Completely Customizable Interface

Canari Software

Full screen, digital user interfaces for your equipment; useful for monitoring, controlling, and analyzing real-time data


ARi - Completely Customizable Interface

Completely Customizable Interface

Use one of our many supplied themes, or have a custom one created for you. – Your look and feel can exactly match your company’s brand or style.
ARi Canari - Virtually Unlimited Functionality

Virtually Unlimited Functionality

Have as many screens as you want, any layout you want, and any number of widgets. – Fits any size or shape of screen – Widgets can have virtually any functionality and design. The sky’s the limit!
Canari - Quick Development Time

Quick Development Time

Our proprietary framework allows us to create fully-functional interfaces very quickly. – Contact us today for a price and timeline quote.


ARi Autonomous Solutions

Autonomous Solutions

ARi - Powertrain Solutions

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