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Autonomous Solutions

Focusing on the next generation of software and technologies, we work to increase efficiency and reduce cost, while making every machine safer



At ARi, we constantly focus on pursing and developing the next generation of software and technologies. Through our ingenuity and experience, we can integrate autonomous solutions into every part of the machining process, from sourcing components to developing the controller software, to the vehicle integration, testing and validation. With our increased focus on autonomous development, we work to increase efficiency and reduce cost, while making every machine safer.



ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)

ARi has experience in numerous projects and applications developing ADAS type features in the heavy equipment and agriculture space. Our capabilities can easily be translated into other applications. We have experience working in every major system in large equipment and over the road vehicles.

Advanced Platooning / Full Autonomy

ARi has developed concepts in Advanced Platooning (autonomous vehicles follow a driven vehicle) for over the road vehicles. Our familiarity with powertrain integration, software development, mechanical, electrical and hydraulic engineering capabilities make us an ideal partner to explore features in this space.



Integrated engineering services

Knowledge of autonomous products and solutions

In-house systems for development

Competitive and cost-effective solutions

Global teams of experienced engineers


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