ARi - Prototype and Build

Prototype & Build

ARi’s services help customers to transform ideas into reality through prototyping analysis


Our team of technicians and engineers collaborate with customers to bring alive their concepts into reality. ARi’s prototyping expertise helps in testing, modifying and finalizing a product concept. We work on a range of development processes: from small components to a complete powerpack creating diverse prototypes all under one roof. No matter the difficulty or constraints, with our end-to-end engineering services, we can design, develop, test, integrate, and package any product.


Mock Ups/Proof of Concepts

We can develop a mockup that is either workable or just a display. Our technicians or engineers can provide a mockup from a simple drawing or work with customers to develop a design. We focus on bringing ideas to reality, helping teams push the concept to the next stage. 

Working Prototype

Going a step beyond proof of concept, we can develop an exact scale, a workable prototype which can be used for demonstrative or testing purposes.

First/Pre-component Production
Whether a design is in the mature state or in the manufacturing stage, our prototypes can assist with testing performance or standardizing the production line.
Small Batch Production
We can manufacture low volume quantities, including fabrications, small assemblies, brackets, powerpacks, etc.
Engineering Services
For more complex projects, our engineers can work with teams to further develop prototypes, providing design, testing, validation, build, and packaging engineering services.


The ARi
ARi - Fabrication Shop

Fabrication Shop

  • Full service in-house fabrication
  • Streamlined engine installation
  • Plasma table / Welding / Shearing / Braking
  • Pressure certified
Mechanic Work

Mechanic Work

  • Full in-house mechanical service
  • 4 large work bays
  • 60-ton crane capacity
  • Multiple Dollies to move heavy equipment
ARi - Turnkey

Turn-key Projects

  • Expertise in turnkey projects
  • One stop shop to design, build & manufacture
  • Design verification capabilities
ARi - Integration


  • Engine and subcomponents integration
  • Test cell integration
  • Bench testing
  • BOM update and verification



Facilitates clear communication

Reduces time and cost

Improves quality of Improves quality of requirement specifications

Case Study

End-of-line Tester (EOL) systems

Devt of Integrated Powerpack for Military Vehicle

ARi developed a 700hp integrated Powerpack with all auxiliary systems, designed & procured peripheral parts like Alternator, Hydraulics, Air & Cooling systems.


ARi - Engine Testing

Engine Testing

ARi - Mechanical Testing

Product & Component Testing

ARi - Teardown Analysis

Engine Teardown Analysis