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With a core background and strong knowledge of Powertrain and Driveline systems, ARi’s engineers and technicians can design, develop, integrate and test various machine sub-systems like The Cooling System, Hydraulic System, Fuel System etc. This involves meticulous development of custom Test Benches with thorough requirement gathering process to recreate the machine’s working environment as per the customer needs.

What we do

Various sensors measuring temperature, pressure, flow, current, voltage etc. can be placed at strategic locations on the customized test bench to monitor the performance and take suitable measures.
We can also affix accelerometers and strain gages on load bearing structural members and map the stress and vibrations at critical locations.
ARi - Mechanical Design services
We can locate these benches either on our shop floor for very large test space requirements or inside our test cells which measure 28’ in Length, 14’ in Width and 14’ in Height. The entry doors are 10’x10’. 
We also provide uninterrupted power and cooling for the benches for 24×7 Operations along with 3 shift Operator support.


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Case Study

Design and development of Radiator Plugging Bench

Design & devt of Radiator Plugging Bench

ARi conceptualized, designed, developed, integrated and built a Radiator test bench to simulate the observed plugging phenomena and study the deterioration of cooling performance.


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Prototype & Build

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Engine Testing

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Engine Teardown Analysis