ARi - Engine Testing

Engine Testing

ARi has a comprehensive range of testing services for engines & related parts designed to help you develop better products and get to market on time


At ARi, we have the capability to test multiple engine systems. Our performance and validation tests have included monitoring the injection profile and pressures of the turbo charger for actual pressure ratio and maximum efficiencies. The engine computers are monitored and controlled for engine management, design & development to improve fuel consumption or reduce exhaust emissions. Various structures are mounted to the engines with Accelerometers & Strain Gauges coupled to high-speed data acquisition systems for vibration and durability analysis. Finally, our lineup of Emissions Testing Equipment allows us to monitor exhaust particulate matter, NOx and other emission gases to perform Tier IV validation involving steady-state and transient duty test cycles.


Engine Validation

ARi has ISO certified high-tech Test Facilities which are capable of performing Engine validation and testing multiple engine systems.

East Peoria, IL – Facility

  • 7 Test Cells, up to 3000 kW engines
  • Dynamometers from 750 to 4500 hp
  • 2.5-megawatt resistive load bank
  • Jacket Water and air system cooling
  • Manual and Automated Cycle Throttle Control
ARi Peoria - Engine Testing Facility

Pune, India – Facility

  • Cell One is suitable for testing engines up to 180 kW for Passenger Car (PC) and Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) applications
  • Cell Two is suitable for testing engines up to 380kW for Medium and Heavy-Duty Commercial Vehicle (M&HCV), industrial & Off-highway (OHW) applications.
ARi Pune - Engine Testing Facility
Multiple Fuels
  • Diesel:
    Monthly quality analysis
  • Natural Gas:
    Gas Chromatography
  • Advanced Fuel Blending:
    Natural Gas, Ethanol, Propane, Butane, and Dimethyl Ether (DME)
Data Acquisition

At the core of our business is our instrumentation and data acquisition systems. We measure parameters like temperature, pressure, air flow and fluid (fuel, water, DEF) flow , angular velocity, current and voltage, strain. Our data acquisition systems can accommodate up to 92 channels simultaneously, sample at a frequency up to 100Hz, and accepts analog, digital, RTD, Thermocouple, PWM and strain gauge inputs.


The ARi


  • Test cycle endurance
  • Component durability
  • Fuel control mapping
  • Powertrain performance
  • Integration and validation
  • Emissions


  • Oil consumption
  • Flow – fuel, water, air & DEF
  • Combustion – High-speed timing and PCP
  • Inspection – Borescopes, Dial gages, NDT
  • Emissions – Opacimeter, Smoke meter, Gas Analyzer, Particulate sampler
ARi - Engine Testing

Facility Capabilities

  • Automated water system, 18000 HP heat load, 85Psi
  • Diesel, natural gas and custom fuels
  • Up to 4,500 HP water and eddy current dynos
  • 2.5MW load bank
  • 100 Hz data acquisition and powertrain control systems


  • Experienced mechanical support
  • Custom fabrication and prototyping
  • Data analysis and project reporting



Improved reliability testing

Improve drivability and durability

Provide high fuel efficiency

Case Study

CoP Testing on Engines for Construction Equipment

CoP Testing on Engines for Construction Equipment

ARi was invited to perform CoP performance and emission tests on a family of industrial engines to check conformance to Tier 3 emission norms.


ARi - Prototype and Build

Prototype & Build

ARi - Mechanical Testing

Product & Component Testing

ARi - Teardown Analysis

Engine Teardown Analysis