ARi - Teardown Analysis

Engine Teardown Analysis



A product teardown involves dissembling a product to identify its all components and analyse hardware/ software/ firmware, system, process, and costs. Through our systematic analysis of an entire system, we recreate 2D and 3D models of the physical part, which allows us to improve and adapt the system to embrace new and improved technologies



Certified Welders

Material Identification and Material Composition

Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

3D Scanning

CAD/CAM Computer Tools

Should Costing

Digitalization Product Development

Replicate Complex Objects

Product Analysis, Operation and component Analysis

New avenues can be explored to improve Product Performance and Functionality


The ARi

Existing Physical Geometry into Digital 3D record of products

Create a Benchmark for Products

Reverse Engineering with Localization

Valid Design Suggestions

Improved Quality and Durability

Optimized Structures and Designs


  • Full scale in-house Mechanical Service & Fabrication Shop
  • 4 Large Work bays
  • 60-Ton crane capacity
  • Complete engine tear down and rebuild
  • Complete transmission tear down and rebuild
  • Generator packaging
    Complex measurements with 3D CMM & Parts Scanning



Reduces the number of complex parts needed to build an assembly

Reduces assembly costs and inventory costs

Improves time to market

Case Study

Tear down analysis of Construction Equipment

Tear down analysis of Construction Equipment

Managed competitor machine field performance trials, machine teardown, 3D-CMM measurements, CAD model creation, material testing and baseline FEA analysis.


ARi - Prototype and Build

Prototype & Build

ARi - Engine Testing

Engine Testing

ARi - Mechanical Testing

Product & Component Testing