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ARi Global Solutions’ product design and development capabilities help clients build tailored products and gain a competitive edge. Our core design focus emphasizes aesthetics and functionality, with innovation as the primary motive. We offer product development services that result in better business growth, optimum utilization of resources, and minimal operational costs.

With our product design and development consultancy, you can streamline your product development lifecycles and produce next-generation products and systems. Choose competencies and talent at scale as we leverage the best practices from various industries. Whether it’s Automotive, Transportation, Heavy Equipment, Aerospace & Defence, Machine Tools, or Energy sectors, we offer end-to-end design and development – from conceptualization to product sustenance.





Save cost and time

Easy tracking of errors

Optimal utilization of existing resources

Case Studies

Reduction in CAB Costs

Update CAB operator station

Reduced cost for a heavy machinery manufacturer by updating CAB operator station
Hydraulic Fan Design

Hydraulic Drive Fan Design

ARi created a new fan design that replaces the standard drive fan option
Marine Engine Wiring Harness

Design of Electrical Harness – NPI

ARi designed electrical harness of marine pleasure craft engine (NPI)
Improved Chassis Structure

Improved Chassis Structure

Improved existing and new chassis for a heavy equipment manufacturer
Locomotive-Engine Harness

Design of Electrical Harness -Locomotive

ARi designed electrical harness of locomotive; remote ECM harness for a customer
ARi - Desgin of Electric Rope Shovel

Design of Electric Rope Shovel

Designed a complete electrical arrangement subsystem wise along with fully parametric CAD designs
Marine Genset

Design of  Electrical Harness-Marine Genset

ARi designed electrical harness of marine gensets
Marine Genset IP44 Generator

Kit for Marine Generator IP44 compliance

Designed a kit that makes existing marine generator IP44 compatible

Mechanical Agitation Enhancement – Agri Machinery Sector

Self-Propelled Windrowers Advancements – Agri Machinery Sector

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s beneficial to involve ARi in your product development project as early as possible. Our expertise can provide valuable insights and guidance from the initial ideation phase, helping you define requirements, optimize designs, and streamline development processes for successful outcomes.
The cost for product design and development varies based on project scope, complexity, and specific requirements. ARi offers tailored solutions to meet your budgetary constraints while ensuring high-quality results and optimal value for your investment.
The stages of product design engineering services typically include conceptualization, design and development, prototyping, testing and validation, optimization, and deployment. ARi’s comprehensive approach encompasses each stage to ensure a seamless and successful product development journey.
ARi ensures the quality and precision of hydraulic component design and validation through rigorous testing, simulation, and validation processes. Our expert team utilizes advanced tools and techniques to analyze performance, optimize designs, and validate functionality, ensuring reliability and performance excellence.
ARi addresses key considerations in structural and surface design, including material selection, stress analysis, durability, aesthetics, and manufacturability. Our services focus on optimizing designs for strength, performance, and visual appeal while ensuring compatibility with manufacturing processes and industry standards.
ARi maximizes cost-effectiveness and efficiency in product design and development projects through strategic planning, streamlined processes, and utilization of advanced technologies. By optimizing workflows, minimizing waste, and leveraging reusable components, we deliver projects on time and within budget, without compromising quality.
ARi manages reverse engineering and prototype building through systematic processes, utilizing cutting-edge technologies and experienced professionals. From capturing and analyzing existing designs to building and testing prototypes, we ensure accuracy, reliability, and adherence to project requirements.

– The top advantages of working with ARi for product design and development include:

– Expertise in diverse industries and technologies

– Tailored solutions to meet specific needs and objectives

– Comprehensive approach from concept to deployment

– Commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction

– Access to advanced tools, technologies, and resources for innovation and excellence.

ARi offers customizable product design solutions tailored to your unique requirements, preferences, and specifications. Whether you need minor modifications or entirely new designs, our team works closely with you to deliver customized solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.
ARi utilizes a wide range of software, tools, and technologies for product design engineering services, including CAD software (such as SolidWorks, CATIA, and AutoCAD), simulation tools (such as ANSYS and MATLAB), prototyping technologies (such as 3D printing and CNC machining), and project management tools (such as Agile and Kanban), among others. We continuously evaluate and adopt the latest technologies to ensure optimal results and efficiency in our design engineering processes.