Embedded Engineering Services

Embedded Engineering

Standard-bearer in Embedded Software Engineering Domain


ARi has been in the business of Embedded Software Design, Development & Testing for over 2 decades. We have expertise in design, evaluation & integration of Hardware Systems, development & testing of a basic Software Module, Data Link, Diagnostics & functional applications. We have worked with Industry domain experts comprising of OEMs & hardware manufacturers across industries like Automotive, Heavy Machinery, Mining Equipments, Construction Equipments, Agricultural machinery, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and even Aerospace & Defence sectors.


ARi - Embedded Engineering Services - Hardware


  • Analog, Digital
  • PWM, Freq. Signals
  • Microcontroller, ​Sensors, Actuators, relay, Switches​
    ARi BSP

    Board Support Packages

    • Hardware Abstraction Layer
    • Hardware Interfaces
    • OS Independent Libraries
    • Device Drivers

    Data Link Software

    • CAN, LIN, Ethernet, RS232​
    • J1939, KWP, UDS, CCP, TCP, UDP​
    • Modbus, Profiibus, ISO bus
    ARi - Embedded Engineering Services - Diagnostics


    • Common diagnostic stack development
    • Diagnostics libraries, OBD ISO 27145
    ARi Application Design and Development


    • Application Software
    • Application Specific Libraries
    • Application Configuration
    • Software Integration, System Integration
    ARi Testing & Validation

    Testing & Validation

    • Unit Testing
    • Integration Testing
    • Protocol Testing
    • UI Testing
    • Performance Testing
    • System/Product Testing
    • User Acceptance Testing
    ARi - Test Automation

    Test Automation

    • Test Automation Development
    • Test Automation with SIL, MIL, HIL
    • Application Testing
    • Automation framework Development



      Strong domain expertise across multiple industries

      Advanced tool expertise

      Expertise in Power electronics

      Case Studies

      Customer Success
      Application Canari Display

      Application Devt – Canari Display

      Developed UI applications with drag and drop of widgets with integration of data link libraries for machines and applications.
      Platform Software Devt – HAL Libraries

      Platform Software Devt – HAL Libraries

      ARI developmed testing of Hardware Abstraction Layer Components for different ECUs based on different Micro Controller.
      Unit testing – Platform Driver S/W

      Unit testing – Platform Driver S/W

      Tested platform driver software debugging and verified duty cycle and frequency for PWM/Frequency inputs & outputs using Function generator/Oscilloscope
      Virtual Assembly Validation

      Test Automation tool

      Tested Automation Tool for all kinds of cross-platform desktop, embedded, mobile and web applications
      ARi - Application Development - Display Software

      Application Devt- Display Software

      Developed display software for Locomotive, Oil & Gas and Rail Excavator
      2D Drawings & 3D Models design

      Application Devt – Transmission Control Software

      Developed transmission control software for transmission application features using model-based design, validation & auto code generation
      ARi - Data Link Software

      Data Link Software

      Designed, Developed & Validated the Communication Protocols, Diagnostics & Flashing support for Engine, Machine, Network & Display ECUs

      Algorithms & Diagnostics

      Developed and tested algorithms for Input / Output processing and common diagnostics for the Machine Programs
      ARI - End-of-line Tester (EOL) systems

      End-of-line Tester (EOL) systems

      ARI team worked on platform EOL software validation which included developing the test plan & test application.
      ARi - Hardware – LVDT & HMI

      Hardware – LVDT & HMI

      Measured linear displacement of LVDT micronn sensors and drove the PLC machine’s relay section according to GUI threshold limits.
      ARi - HIL Testing or Regression Testing

      HIL Testing  or Regression Testing

      ARi applicationHardware-in-the-loop (HIL) or regression testing team worked on T4 product lines in Commercial & Machine engine applications.
      End-of-line Tester (EOL) systems

      MIL or SIL Testing

      ARi developed the Plant and Controller test suite and was responsible for Model-in-the-loop (MIL) / Software-in-the-loop (SIL) testing to compare test results for Military Power pack application.
      End-of-line Tester (EOL) systems

      Platform Software Devt – AUTOSAR BSW

      Implemented basic Software as per AUTOSAR requirements for Agricultural, Earthmoving , Off-highway  & Turf utility vehicles
      Automation Architecture

      Automation Architecture

      Test System - Transmission Controller & Electronics

      Test System – Transmission Controller & Electronics


      ARi - Product Engineering Services

      Product Engineering

      ARi - Manufacturing Execution Systems

      Manufacturing Engineering

      ARi - Digital Engineering Services

      Digital Transformation

      ARi - Testing & Validation Services

      Testing & Validation