Tracking Systems

With our work on current and upcoming vehicle technologies, we pride ourselves in providing innovative telematics and infotainment solutions. ARi’s telematics systems transmit useful information to and from a vehicle relaying performance data while the infotainment systems provide interactive adjustments, entertaining drivers throughout their entire journey. This emerging market of automotive communications technology provides location, information and in-vehicle entertainment services to drivers and fleet owners alike.

IoT - Tracking Systems



Functionality Testing

Automation Testing

Hardware Integration & Harness Creation

Agile Methodology of Development

Display Systems

IoT - Display Systems | ARi

ARi makes sure our customers receive on time delivery for quality product. Through our extensive experience developing different display applications for various platforms and operating systems, we have discovered our engineers can overcome every barrier when it comes to technologies and hardware. With every project, ARi’s goal is to exceed customer expectations by providing high quality, innovative solutions.



UI/UX development

Front End frameworks

OS Platforms testing

Stack Development



Identify key pain points and developing IoT roadmap

Visualize industry insights and benchmark

Integrate devices, gateways, security with cloud

Create IoT platform, application and analytics

Measure, monitor with diagnostic tools

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