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Recently, ARi announced a collaboration with Horiba, a global pioneer that provides an extensive array of automotive test systems. This agreement was established to facilitate original equipment manufacturers in their plans to accelerate engine and vehicle development programs to meet stringent emission norms coming into force more so in developing countries.

With this collaboration, ARi has established an office space onsite at Horiba’s Pune Facility, allowing our engineers to have access to their 10,000 sq.m state of the art test facility, particularly the 2 engine test cells, where we execute engine testing and validation projects.

The first test cell (ETB1) is suitable for testing engines up to 180 kW for Passenger Car (PC) and Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) applications.

ETB1 capability specifications:

Rated power: 178 kW
Rated torque: 429 Nm
Rated speed: 3961 rpm
Max speed: 16000 rpm

The second test cell (ETB2) is suitable for testing engines upto 380kW for Medium and Heavy duty Commercial Vehicle (M&HCV), industrial & Off-highway (OHW) applications.

ETB2 capability specifications:

Rated power: 380 kW
Rated torque: 1898 Nm
Rated speed: 1913 rpm
Max speed: 5000 rpm

With this collaboration becoming a success, there are many plans for future growth, offering more end to end solutions. There is even space for another 3 test cells, testing components, transmissions, and large engines up to 1 MW and adding a chassis dyno cell for vehicle testing.

Interested in learning more about ARi’s collaboration with Horiba?

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