Welding Fixture Design for Truck Frame Sub Assembly – Steel Sector

Project Scope

In the domain of heavy-duty truck manufacturing, precision is paramount. ARi takes on the challenge of designing and manufacturing fit-up fixtures for truck frame subassembly weldments. Our mission is to ensure the repeatability of components through meticulous tack weld try-outs, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and performance.

Business Challenges

The task at hand presents unique challenges:

  • The sheer size of the components necessitates a rigid structural design to withstand the rigors of the assembly process.

  • Additionally, the need for modularity in the fixture is crucial to accommodate various component variants,

  • The design must allow for separate segment assembly to facilitate the final component integration.

ARi’s Solutions

  • We have engineered a modular fixture capable of accommodating multiple components on a single platform, maximizing efficiency and versatility.

  • Lock pins are strategically implemented to minimize setup changes between components, streamlining the assembly process.

  • Leveraging Poke Yoke technology, we eliminate the risk of incorrect component loading, ensuring precision at every stage.

  • Our weld templates simplify fixture design for minor components, enhancing overall efficiency.

  • To enhance usability, all fixtures are equipped with manual clamping and operating screws, prioritizing ease of operation for the user.

ARi’s Value Proposition

With ARi, our clients can trust in our commitment to excellence, knowing that their manufacturing processes are optimized for success.

In this case, our fixtures boast a rigid design, ensuring stability and precision throughout the assembly process.

By embracing a modular approach, we offer cost-saving benefits without compromising on quality.

Case Study

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