Warehouse Management System – Construction Equipment’s

Project Scope

Recognizing the critical need for efficiency and accuracy in warehouse operations, a leading heavy equipment manufacturer has partnered with ARi to streamline their logistics processes. Our collaboration aims to integrate cutting-edge technology into their warehouse management systems, with a focus on optimizing pallet and location management through advanced barcode scanning capabilities.

Business Challenges

As our client strives for excellence in their warehouse operations, they face several key challenges. These include the significant upfront investment required for implementing new technology, the ongoing maintenance of software and hardware components, and the imperative to maintain robust data security measures.

ARi’s Solutions

We offer a game-changing Android application designed to integrate seamlessly with forklift tablets, optimizing binning and picking accuracy.

Our innovative-edge wireless camera system, mounted on forklift arms, revolutionizes barcode scanning, ensuring precise pallet placement and seamless task order closure in real-time.

By leveraging advanced technology, we empower our clients to elevate their warehouse logistics to new heights.

ARi’s Value Proposition

With help of this solutions, precision becomes the norm in binning and picking processes- minimizing errors & maximizing efficiency.

Our user-friendly mobile app guarantees flawless workflows, eliminating pallet misplacement concerns and saving valuable time.

By boosting transaction efficiency and minimizing downtime, our solutions drive increased productivity and reduce resource wastage, ultimately enhancing your bottom line.

Case Study

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