Tool Design – Fabrication & Assembly

Project Scope

Design tooling requirements for the fabrication and assembly of a garbage disposal truck. e.g., Welding Fixtures, Paint Buggies, and Gauges.

Business Challenges

  • Modification of existing fixtures to accommodate more variants of components for cost savings.

  • Large components with complex geometries make operator reachability a critical factor.

ARi’s Solutions

  • Modular fixtures designed to handle multiple variants in same fixture.

  • Pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders are used for the actuation of Fixture Structures, Clamps, and Locators.

  • A turn-over mechanism is employed for using both sides of the fixture base to save floor space and create an efficient design.

  • Movable gantry mechanisms are employed when multiple small components are to be welded to large-size components.

  • Collapsible fixtures are designed for operator access to large components.

  • Poke-Yoke is incorporated in the fixture design.

ARi’s Value Proposition

  • Modular fixture design reduced the overall cost of the tooling.

  • Proposed fixture manufacturing in India and shipping to an overseas location, thereby reducing the manufacturing cost.

Case Study

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