Special Purpose Machine-Hose Coiling Machine

Project Scope

Automation of the specific process of coiling and precise operations that are routine or repeatable.

Business Challenges

  • Time management and consistency

  • Low productivity and human error

  • Non-availability of skilled manpower

  • Lack of safety

ARi’s Solutions

  • Designed and developed an SPM to automate the specific coiling process of multiple variants just by controlling the axis.

  • Maximum Bundle Weight: 150 kg

  • Maximum coiling outer diameter: 750 mm

  • Product diameter range: 3/16 inch to 1 inch

  • Adjustable coil diameters: 335 mm and 400 mm

  • Pneumatic input: 6 bars

ARi’s Value Proposition

  • Coiling the entire section in 50 seconds.

  • 334-400mm multi-variant coiling system.

  • Automation saves 80-100% of the cost of manual/labor work.

  • Executing smart manufacturing with smart automation.

  • Improved quality, accuracy, and repeatability.

  • Improved Safety and Productivity.

  • Minimised operating costs.

Case Study

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