Salesforce – Opportunity Management

ARi was approached to streamline leads in Salesforce whenever a request was originated from the customers website. Further directing the request to the corresponding distributor by region and establish communication channel between Distributor and Requestor.

Project Scope

  • Create a lead in Salesforce when a request is originated from the company website.

  • Direct the request to the corresponding Distributor by region and establish communication channel between Distributor and Requestor.

  • Ability to convert the Lead to Opportunity(s).


Business Challenges

  • Tracking of requests was done manually.

  • No automated way of tracking the leads.

  • Opportunities won/lost not visible easily.

  • Change to the products were not notified immediately to the leads.

ARi’s Solutions

  • Lead is created in sales cloud via a web-to-lead integration when a request is originated from company website.

  • Subscription and Notifications are enabled and customized in Marketing Cloud.

  • Create Custom dashboards for each distributor to identify high quality leads.

ARi’s Value Proposition

  • Helped dealers in capturing leads from web with no manual intervention.

  • Sales team is provided a customized sales path in the interface that emphasizes the action that they must take to drive the conversion from lead to opportunity.

  • Helped dealers in increasing their sales.

  • Tracking leads in salesforce helped the sales teams in identifying the high-quality leads via dashboards.

  • Leads are immediately notified of the Products changes that’s interest to them.

Case Study

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Case Studies


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