Salesforce B2B – Commerce platform

ARi assisted in providing a storefront to each distributor where customers can browse products, products prices, and manage their accounts. 

Project Scope

Provide a storefront to each distributor where customers can browse products, products prices, and manage their accounts.

Business Challenges

  • Third party was maintaining the products and the product’s pricelists.

  • Increase effective engagement between distributor and customer.

  • Distributors were shown the non-value add data.

  • Multiple currencies and content in different languages were not supported.


ARi’s Solutions

  • Each distributor is provided a Storefront (Community Cloud) supporting content in multiple languages and product pricelists in multiple currencies.

  • Integration between Salesforce and ERP Warehouse is established to direct the orders of the end customers.

  • API calls are developed between Salesforce and distributor’s external systems to check the stock availability.

  • Distributors can define and manage their sales team. Sales team can interact seamlessly with the end customer with the actual sales.

  • Application enforced the GDPR compliance in the storefront for data protection. 

  • Distributors are provided with site usage reports.

ARi’s Value Proposition

  • Distributor’s storefront displayed in multiple regions around the world delivering a localized buyer experience.

  • Increased customer engagement by delivering experiences that are personalized and consistently connected in almost real time.

  • Distributor can author Price List for each supported currency.

  • Customers can view the products at the prices they are entitled to receive.

  • Distributors are provided with a framework to load the Price Lists from external sources and load discounts for end customers.

  • Each distributor is provided with the usage (products, site) reports.

Case Study

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