Robotic Machining-Aerostrcture

Project Scope

  • Automatic drilling of 8000 holes with countersink (CSK) for an 8-meter-long aerostructure.

  • Automatic trimming of 6-meter-long aerostructure.

  • Meet drill hole size with a 30-micron tolerance.

  • Meet +/- 400 microns hole position accuracy.

  • Each hole must be drilled with CSK within 28 seconds.

  • Maintain Flushness within 50 microns.

  • Ensure Normality within one degree.

Business Challenges

  • High-precision operation.

  • Ensuring High quality and consistency.

  • Difficult for manual labor.

  • Safety concern.

  • Production efficiency.

ARi’s Solutions

  • ARi designed and built a cutting-edge turnkey solution, the first in Asia, for automated robotic machining for aerostructure assembly.

  • The system includes End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) mounted on a Kuka Robot, which was then installed on a 14-meter-long Rail/Robot Slider.

  • The entire machining cell has 2no’s of KUKA robots, each equipped with EOAT mounted on separate rails/robot slider installed on both the LH & RH sides of the aerostructure component, working in tandem.

  • The robotic machine cell has a total of 20 axes, all integrated and controlled by Siemens 840D CNC system.

  • The system achieves 15-20 microns accuracy in all the axes.

  • Drilling and CSK of each hole are done within 28 seconds.

  • Flushness of less than 50 microns and normalcy of less than 1°(degrees).

  • Executing smart manufacturing with smart automation.

ARi’s Value Proposition

  • ARi designed and manufactured a custom robotic machining system for aerostructures indigenously.

  • First time in Asia.

  • Meets hole position accuracy of +/- 400 microns.

  • Meets hole size with a tolerance of 30 microns.

  • Automation saves 100% of the cost of manual/labor work.

  • Improved quality, accuracy, and repeatability.

  • Improved safety and productivity.

  • Minimised operating costs.

Case Study

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