Robotic Machine Tending – Piston Manufacturing

Project Scope

The project encompasses the development and implementation of a fully automatic piston manufacturing line. This involves the seamless integration of seven FANUC robots with fifteen Weisser Machines, each performing a variety of machining processes including turning, grooving, milling, drilling, boring, and more.

Business Challenges

  •  Piston manufacturing faces significant challenges: Time management, consistency, productivity, and human error.

  • Traditional manufacturing processes often rely on manual labor, leading to inconsistencies and inefficiencies in production.

  • Non-availability of skilled manpower for routine operations poses a considerable constraint on manufacturing facilities.

ARi’s Solutions

ARi has devised a comprehensive solution to address these challenges. We have designed various types of grippers and fingers tailored to handle different piston variants, ensuring versatility and adaptability in production.

Our integration of seven FANUC robots with fifteen existing machines is facilitated by a powered conveyor system, streamlining the manufacturing process, and optimizing workflow efficiency. Furthermore, we have interfaced the control panel with robots, grippers, conveyor systems, Weisser machines, HMI, safety fences, and interlocks, ensuring seamless communication and coordination between all components/machines of the production line.

Key Features & Specifications:

  •  Design of customized grippers and fingers for handling piston variants

  • Integration of 7 FANUC robots with 15 Weisser Machines

  • Powered conveyor system for efficient material handling

  • Interfacing control panel for seamless communication between components

  • Robot movement speed achieved up to 2000mm/sec

  • Enhanced consistency in product quality and machining accuracy

  • Increased productivity and mitigation of human error

ARi’s Value Proposition

ARi’s Fully Automatic Piston Manufacturing Line offers a multitude of benefits to manufacturing facilities. With robot movement speeds reaching up to 2000mm/sec, we ensure unparalleled efficiency and productivity. By improving consistency in product quality and machining accuracy, we eliminate variability and reduce the risk of defects.

Moreover, our solution mitigates human error, minimizes downtime, and optimizesoverall operational efficiency. Through seamless integration and advanced robotics, ARi empowers manufacturing facilities to achieve new levels of productivity, reliability, and competitiveness in the market.

Case Study

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