Ply Cutting Robotic Solutions – Tire & Rubber Industry

Project Scope

The project aims to automate the slicing of cut ply for tread-rubber sheet joining processes. ARi’s scope encompasses the implementation of an automated system where a robot picks cut ply from a bias-cutting conveyor and accurately places it onto the splicing conveyor.

Business Challenges

  • Time Management & Consistency: Traditional methods often struggle with time constraints and maintaining consistent output.

  • Low Productivity & Human Error: Human error is inevitable in manual operations, leading to reduced productivity and increased costs.

  • Availability of Skilled Manpower: Recruiting and retaining skilled manpower for routine operations was challenging.

ARi’s Solutions

  • Turnkey Robotic Solution: ARi has developed a comprehensive turnkey solution comprising an End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT) equipped with a Vacuum Gripper and Vision System, seamlessly integrated with a 6-axis industrial robot. This advanced system streamlines the process of picking cut ply from the bias-cutting conveyor and precisely placing it on the splicing conveyor.

  • Servo Adjustable Vacuum Gripper: The servo-adjustable vacuum gripper designed by ARi ensures precise handling of cut ply, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in the manufacturing process.

  •  Interfacing and Safety Integration: ARi’s expertise extends to interfacing the robot with conveyor systems and implementing safety guarding measures to ensure optimal operational efficiency and compliance with safety standards.

  • Customized Programming: ARi’s team excels in programming the robot for seamless cut-ply picking and placing operations, optimizing workflow, and minimizing cycle times. Additionally, interfacing panels are programmed to facilitate user-friendly operation and control.

  • Delivery and Installation: ARi oversees the delivery and installation of the robotic cell, complete with safety fencing, ensuring a smooth transition to automated operations.

ARi’s Value Proposition

  • Precision Tolerance: ARi assures precision in the manufacturing process, with tolerances for overlap and tapered splice meeting stringent standards of ±2mm and ±1mm respectively. Additionally, the minimum possible tolerance for dogears is maintained at ±1mm, ensuring flawless end products.

  • Versatility: ARi’s solution is designed to handle a wide range of variants, with the capability to accommodate 162 different configurations, catering to diverse manufacturing requirements.

Case Study

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