Logistics Solution-Bins-Material Handling

Project Scope

  • Automation of bin loading from the end of line directly into the truck enables the timely movement of bins from one plant to another.

  • Stack of five bins to be loaded in four horizontal bays over the length of the trailer.

  • Loading and unloading activity is to be carried out automatically in both outward and inward directions.

Business Challenges

  • Low efficiency: manual loading and unloading of bins.

  • Material handling issues

  • Lack of safety

ARi’s Solutions

  • Design, development, and manufacturing of an Automated Truck Loading Solution (ATLS)

  • Wired and wireless control

  • Modular system

  • Online weighing and tracking system

  • Integration with MES/ERP

ARi’s Value Proposition

  • Loading and unloading within 2 minutes for a 7 to10-meter long truck or trailer container.

  • There is no waiting time.

  • Automation saves 80-100% of the cost of manual/labor work.

  • Improved Safety.

  • Minimizes truck waiting time.

Case Study

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