Line Automation Solution-Drum Welding Line Automation

Project Scope

Automation of the Drum Finishing Line to increase productivity and operator safety.

Business Challenges

  • Low productivity due to the handling of drums

  • Non-availability of skilled manpower

  • Lack of safety

  • Large space utilization

  • Extended usage of overhead cranes

ARi’s Solutions

  • ARi created a complete line (a hydraulic-based skid system capable of supporting various drum sizes).

  • A capacity of 17 drums per day.

  • A Skid Conveyor enables concrete mixing drums of various capacities to move between stations (eg. station one to station four).

  • Multiple operations are carried out at these stations, like V-grooving, grinding, 7 circumferential welds, and finishing operations.

  • Each designed station is now capable of rotating drums weighing up to 3 tons and supporting two locations.

ARi’s Value Proposition

  • The automated line can handle more than 10 variants, each with a 3-ton weight.

  • Handle multiple operations for four drums at same time on the line.

  • There is no waiting time.

  • Automation saves 80-100% of the cost of manual/labor work.

  • Reduced dependency on overhead cranes.

  • Improved quality, accuracy, and repeatability.

  • Improved safety and productivity.

Case Study

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