Lifting Solution

Project Scope

  • Propose multiple lifting solutions for the lifting and handling of the Front Idler in the Hydraulic Excavator Line Assembly.

  • Design and manufacture the Lifting Tackle.

Business Challenges

  • Ensure the lifting axis is aligned with the centre of gravity.

  • Achieve a positive locking of the component.

ARi’s Solutions

  • Positive locking of the component is ensured by using the component’s own weight as a locking element in the design.

  • Provided a link connecting rod mechanism to adjust to the slight variation in the centre of gravity point.

  • Non-metallic material is used at contact surfaces to avoid any damage to the painted surface of the component.

  • Certifying the lifting tackle through FEA analysis.

ARi’s Value Proposition

The operator’s efforts and time in engaging and disengaging the lifting tackle from the component were reduced considerably.

Case Study

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