HIL Testing  or Regression Testing

ARi application regression testing team worked on T4 product lines in Commercial & Machine engine applications.

Project Scope

The application regression testing team primarily worked on T4 product lines in Commercial & Machine engine applications including validations of the flash files built by the software developers. Apart from the validations, they also worked on automation, test plan updates, test plan creations & process improvements.

Business Challenges

  • Availability & Visibility of the test inputs are very short.

  • dSPACE HIL Test Benches set-up for various Engines application programs.

  • Automations of Manual testing case using Python and Crizzle scripting.  

  • Emission standards Tier 4i and 4f programs.

ARi’s Solutions

  • Good knowledge in Engine applications features for different machines like Articulated Truck, Hydraulic Excavators, Off Highway Trucks & Mortor Grader. 

  • Expertise in Test Plans Development.

  • Manual & Automation Testing using the Python, CRIZZLE scripting.

  • Test Tools like dSpace, Canalyzer and Canape, Canoe. & Client specific tools

  • Supporting Tier 4i, Tier 4f programs.

ARi’s Value Proposition

  • ARi was taken complete ownership of EART from activity Estimations, Planning, task allocations & delivery of test artefacts.

  • ARi team was formed at Offsite & nominated Onsite coordinator on dSPACE Bench setup, test inputs and technical clarification.

  • When the Validations inputs are not available, the ARi Team was involved in the test automation activities as per backlogs mentioned in the Target tool.

  • Reusability of the Test plans/cases / Test Scripts for various Machines Engines applications.

Case Study

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