Finite Element Analysis (FEA): Self-Loading Mixture Machine Cabin (ROPS & FOPS)

Project Scope

The project involved conducting an in-depth analysis of the deflection behaviour of a self-loading mixer Cabin. The primary objective was to mitigate the risk of operator injury due to potential crushing incidents.

Business Challenges

Meeting the stringent requirements of both the Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS) and Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) tests posed significant challenges. For FOPS compliance (by ISO 3449:2005), specific criteria regarding free fall height and impact energy (11000 J for level II) had to be met. Similarly, ROPS compliance (as per ISO 3471:2008) necessitated precise force resistance and energy absorption capabilities in various directions.

ARi’s Solutions

ARi employed advanced Finite Element Analysis techniques, primarily utilizing Shell elements and Quad elements to mesh the cabin effectively. To simulate FOPS scenarios, the cabin, along with the machine frame, underwent loading via surface loads in designated areas. For ROPS testing, sequential loading was applied to assess force resistance across lateral, vertical, and longitudinal axes.

ARi’s Value Proposition

  • The FEA simulations yielded comprehensive insights into the structural integrity of the cabin, enabling visualization of its strength post-analysis. This approach not only expedited the testing process but also resulted in substantial cost and time savings compared to traditional experimental methods. 

  • Additionally, the flexibility of numerical simulations allowed for repeated testing iterations, ensuring thorough validation of safety standards.

Case Study

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