Finite Element Analysis (FEA): Loop Belt

Project Scope

The project involved creating a comprehensive FE model of the entire Loop Belt structure and conducting both Static and Modal analyses to evaluate its strength and structural integrity.

Business Challenges

One of the primary challenges faced was the manual meshing of slender members comprising triangular units, which endure both tension and compression forces. Additionally, ensuring proper fine meshing in the joints of the truss structure, where multiple members intersect, presented difficulties.

ARi’s Solutions

  • Conducting convergence studies to determine the optimal number of elements required for accurate analysis.

  • Special attention was given to refining the mesh in areas expected to experience high stresses and strains.

  • To enhance structural stability, gusset plates were strategically added and extended in the joints to mitigate bending loads.

  • Weight optimization techniques were employed to reduce the structural weight in zero-force members without compromising strength.

ARi’s Value Proposition

Through FEA simulations, ARi provided the client with a clear visualization of the structure’s strength and performance under various conditions. By adopting this approach, significant cost and time savings were achieved compared to traditional experimental research methods. Furthermore, the flexibility of numerical simulations allowed for repeated testing iterations, ensuring adherence to safety requirements, and optimizing design efficiency.

Case Study

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