Finite Element Analysis (FEA): Cone Crusher Model

Project Scope

The project entailed creating a comprehensive FE model of the entire structure of a Cone Crusher and conducting both Static and Modal analyses to assess its strength and structural integrity. Additionally, FEA was performed on the skids for both Jaw and Cone crushers.

Business Challenges

  • The primary challenges included meshing the entire model without altering the original geometry provided and 

  • Identifying gear details and shaft orientations to mitigate resonance and ensure structural strength.

ARi’s Solutions

  • ARi utilized Second Order Tetrahedral Elements to mesh the Cone Crusher model effectively.

  • Critical areas and various mode shapes obtained through Modal Analysis were meticulously studied to understand potential weak points.

  • Static Analysis was conducted under different loads and crushing angles to determine structural stability.

  • Moreover, Static Analysis was extended to assess the structural strength of the skids on which the Crusher Models were mounted.

ARi’s Value Proposition

  • By leveraging FEA simulations, ARi enabled clients to visualize the strength and performance of the structure comprehensively. This approach not only reduced costs and time associated with experimental research but also ensured compliance with safety requirements. 

  • Furthermore, the flexibility of numerical simulations allowed for iterative testing, optimizing design efficiency.

Case Study

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