Enhancing Rotary Blast Drills – For Global Construction Equipment’s Leader

Project Scope

The primary objective of this project was to elevate the capabilities of Rotary Drill Machine software by designing and implementing new features. These encompassed Mast control, Drill control, Machine stability control, Compressor control, Tram control, and more. ARi undertook the responsibility of software delivery and release post-integration of diverse subsystems.

Business Challenges

The project encountered several challenges, including the development of a singular software solution compatible with six Electronic Control Modules (ECMs) across four distinct machines. Additionally, seamless integration and coordination among subsystem software posed significant hurdles.

ARi’s Solutions

ARi meticulously designed and developed software solutions aligned with project requirements. A key innovation was the creation of a unified flash file tailored to six ECMs across the four machine variants, thereby streamlining operations. Effective coordination with various subsystem groups ensured smooth software integration, enhancing overall project efficiency.

ARi’s Value Proposition

ARi undertook the responsibility of collaborating with subsystems to deliver the final flash file for release. This commitment to timely and error-free delivery mitigated risks and ensured project milestones were met. Moreover, ARi pioneered the development of Canape Automation, leveraging CASL Script for feature testing, thus augmenting the quality and reliability of the software.

Case Study

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Enhancing Rotary Blast Drills – For Global Construction Equipment’s Leader

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