Drivetrain VAVE

A heavy machinery company, specializing in mining and underground equipment took assiatance for development of a drivetrain component for a wheel loader

Project Scope

A heavy machinery company, specializing in mining and underground equipment, develop a drivetrain component for a wheel loader. ARi’s engineers implemented the new design and conducted the VAVE and cost reduction activity, manufacturing, part number reduction, part commonization, testing, and validation. Also, generated the concepts with complete VAVE activity, which helped in reducing cost and the project timeline drastically. At the end of the project, we achieved combined 20% cost reduction and a completely new optimized drivetrain component.

Business Challenges

  • Design and conduct a VAVE and Cost reduction activity on the Drivetrain component.

  • Improve MTBF and service life of the other drivetrain components.

  • Reduce material cost and reduced capital costs on the new design.

  • Develop a design that is scalable to use across multiple platforms.

  • Maximize Tooling use from the legacy product.

  • Improve MTBF for component, communization, and parts numbers reduction.

  • Reduce the cost of the components.

ARi’s Solutions

ARi worked and coordinated with the client and global knowledge pool to achieve a common goal. Our design was a hybrid between two existing designs, which reduced the need for validating and testing new parts. In addition, our design implemented additional bearings and support for cantilevered parts which helped in reducing the service intervals and improve the MTBF and life of the drivetrain components down the line. With our teams taking most of the responsibility in resolving design, analysis, packaging, and VAVE activities, the client’s workload dramatically decreased.

ARi’s Value Proposition

  • Reduced component cost by 20% per unit which indeed reducing the 4% of life cycle cost of the wheel loader.

  • Commonization, Standardization of the components and part number reduction.

  • With the manufacturing process changed, and a unique modular design was achieved.

  • Increased MTBF and service life of the down the line driveline components.

Case Study

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