Automation Architecture

Project Scope

  • Testing of all functional safety requirements, covering all DTC-related and other functional safety scenarios like Limp Home Mode, Acceleration & Brake Sensor Failures, DC Charging Failures and Testing the ECU’s Behaviour

  • Bench can test all the faults like Open circuit, Short to Ground and Short to Battery. UDS services are covered through CANoe.

ARi’s Solutions

  • Developed the HIL Bench according to the requirements with Rest Bus Simulation.

  • Proposed automation.

  • Developed automation scripts in Python.

  • Automated 200+ testcases.

  • Provided test results for each release.

ARi’s Value Proposition

Proposed Automation initiative and developed the scripts, thereby increasing the testing quality and saving the testing time of 100 hours per release.

Case Study

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Case Studies


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