Automated Injection Molding Solution – Toothbrush Manufacturing

Project Scope

The project entails the automatic transfer of toothbrush handle/skeleton components from two Horizontal Injection Molding machines (HIM) to four Vertical Injection Molding Machines (VIM). ARi’s goal is to seamlessly integrate robots with injection molding machines to facilitate the transfer process without any spillage or interruption, optimizing overall production efficiency.

Business Challenges

  • Toothbrush manufacturing faces significant challenges in time management, consistency, productivity, and human error.

  • Manual handling of components often leads to inefficiencies, inconsistencies, and potential hazards in the production process.

  • Availability of skilled manpower for routine operations poses a considerable constraint on manufacturing facilities.

ARi’s Solutions

ARi has developed a comprehensive turnkey solution to address these challenges. We have designed and deployed four FANUC robots equipped with End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT) to manage the transfer process between the HIM and VIM machines seamlessly.

Our team has meticulously programmed the robots to handle the loading and unloading of toothbrush handles from the machines, ensuring precise and efficient operation. Additionally, we have designed a specially engineered EOAT with 24 vacuum/suction cups and grippers to facilitate the picking and placing of toothbrush components from the HIM machines to an intermediary station and then to the VIM machines. Finally, the components are dropped into final output bins, completing the manufacturing process.

Key Features & Specifications:

  • Integration of four FANUC robots with EOAT to manage HIM and VIM machines

  • Customized programming for precise loading and unloading of toothbrush components

  • Specially designed EOAT with 24 vacuum/suction cups and grippers for seamless handling

  • Met cycle time in VIM reduced to 22.5 seconds

  • No spillage of toothbrush components during the transfer process

  • Seamless integration of VIM and HIM machines with FANUC robots

ARi’s Value Proposition

ARi’s Automated Injection Moldingsolution offers a multitude of benefits to toothbrush manufacturing facilities. By optimizing cycle times and reducing spillage, we significantly enhance productivity and operational efficiency. The seamless integration of robots with injection molding machines ensures consistency, accuracy, and reliability in production.

Moreover, our solution mitigates human error, minimizes downtime, and streamlines the manufacturing process, ultimately improving overall profitability and competitiveness. ARi empowers toothbrush manufacturers to embrace automation and innovation, driving success and growth in the industry.

Case Study

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